Our Top Products This Week Picked By Our Store Managers

This week when we asked our store managers for products they suggested, it was all about the kids! They had a few items both indoor and outdoor that they believe kids will enjoy. With kids on summer break, now’s a great time to try out a few of these great items!

The Ultimate T-Rex Pool Float – $34.99

To get kids off the electronics and into the pool, sometimes you need to bring in the big guns! This T-Rex ride-on pool float is a pool float that all the kids can pile on and share, which makes it extra fun. While they’re busy with this float, you can (finally) kick back and enjoy the pool, too.

Sea Life-Themed Pool Rings – $1.99

Let your little one enjoy the summer days swimming in the pool with colorful and fun pool rings. These sea life-themed swimming rings are perfect for children to use in the pool while you relax poolside enjoying the nice weather. Let your kids enjoy the nice summer weather with you in the pool!

Beanie Babies – $5.99 – $6.99

Beanie Babies have been around for 20 years now, and are just as adorable now as they were when they first came out! Kids will love their big eyes and colorful designs. They’re also an easy last-minute gift add-on for all those summer birthday parties.

Savings Lesson With Crayon Banks – $4.99 – $14.99

Even at a young age, it’s important to teach kids the value of money. A crayon bank is a fun place for kids to stash their cash from chores, birthdays, and other gifts. Show them how they can save up for that toy they’ve always wanted!

It’s a long summer and some fun toys like these can help keep the kids entertained. Dave’s is working on getting some new toys every day, so see all we have to offer. From the cool T-Rex pool float to the Beanie Babies, we have toys for kids of all ages. Stop by Dave’s soon to get your toys!

5 Fun & Affordable Things to do in Buffalo This Summer

There’s a solid reason Buffalo was named one of the top 10 cities offering the best quality of life. Our employment to rent ratios are outstanding compared to cities of similar size. Beyond finances, what makes it so great? Surely it’s not the blistering cold or multiple feet of snow. It’s the culture… the character of Buffalo. We’re a city of professionals, artists, students, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We celebrate our differences and come together to enjoy a variety of fun events. On top of all that… we have the beautiful harbor, a natural world wonder, and highly praised food just moments away. As a life-long Buffalo native, I’ve got a few of my favorite WNY activities to share. Check out my favorite fun, affordable things to do in Buffalo! Did I miss something you love to do? Share it with us in the comments section below!

1 – Visit Canalside

Canalside is often home to a variety of fun events, local celebrations, and fundraisers. In winter it’s a great ice skating location and in summer, it’s a great venue for concerts and so many unique gatherings. On off days, it’s just a beautiful place to picnic, bike, or walk. Many of the events are free or reasonably priced. This past weekend, for only $8 I checked out “The Architects of Air“. This event featured an inflatable maze with giant domes filled with beautiful, natural lights and bright colors. The rooms were vibrant, and incredibly captivating. You can get a small glimpse of this through some of my photos below! Interested in what’s going on at Canalside? Follow their Facebook page and turn on notifications; you won’t be sorry!


2 – Head to Niagara Falls

Even living here for three decades, I still feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the falls. Visiting the falls and walking around the park are 100% free. You only have to spend about $20 if you want to hop on the Maid of The Mist (which I suggest doing once a year). There’s nothing like seeing this magical element up close and personal. Visiting the falls is perfect for easy, affordable fun and it’s only about 20 minutes from the city (40 when traffic is rough).

3- Stroll Through Niawanda Park

The City of Tonawanda has a great community of employees and residents working together to keep the bike path and park beautiful. I’m very fortunate to call this place home. Along the bike path you can get ice cream at local staples like Mississippi Mudds and Old Man River. You’ll see a lot of happy people, dogs, kids, boaters, and fishermen having a great time. Along the bike path are plenty of seating areas, shelters, and picnic tables… all offering a wealth of space around for outdoor games and fun picnics. The city band shell often has free concerts and fun plays for your enjoyment, especially during July. View the calendar of events here.

4 – Amazing Patio Dinners

Many of our restaurants offer delicious meals outside on their spacious patios. There are so many options, but my favorites include Coles, Gabriel’s Gate, and La Tavola Trattoria. Simply search for Buffalo Restaurants with Patio or comment with the type of food you’re looking for and I’ll recommend something great. We’ve earned our place as 3rd best city for food!

5 – Local Craft Shows

Buffalo is the perfect place for an artist to grow. We have many art festivals, events, and craft shows each year. If you’re an aspiring artist of any kind, or an enthusiast looking to shop check out the Artvoice Calendar for a great city guide and event list!