Popular Halloween Products Suggested By Our Store Managers

Summer is fun, but fall in Buffalo is even better! Who doesn’t love the crisp air mixed with sunny days, pumpkin everything, and a holiday that’s fun for kids and adults? At Dave’s, we have some new decorations for Halloween that you won’t want to miss. We get in new Halloween all the time, so check your closest store to see all we have for a spooky Halloween!

Halloween Lighted Canvas – $8.99 – $19.99

Bring a few spooky decorations into any room in your home with lighted Halloween-themed canvases. Choose from a variety of different designs including scary pumpkins or black cats. Simply add your batteries, switch them on, maybe surround them with a few of our LED candles (or pumpkin spice candles), turn out the lights and tell some scary stories.

Spooky Skeleton Blinks Red Eyes $14.99

Creating that perfect Halloween display starts with the ultimate decorations. Paola, our Niagara Falls store manager, thinks this spooky skeleton with blinking red eyes is the perfect Halloween decoration for any home. This is the perfect party piece. If you love Halloween, this is a must-have!

Buried Alive Skeleton – $19.99

Blane, one of our store managers, believes this would look great climbing out of anyone’s front lawn. This is the perfect Halloween decoration that will complete the look of your outdoor Halloween display. Just add a few of our RIP tombstone decorations and some cobwebs, and you’ll be sure to spook your guests.

Pumpkin Silhouettes – $9.99

We all know pumpkins are an iconic decoration for Halloween. A lighted pumpkin window decoration is a great way to add some festiveness to a business or your home. It’s an easy way to decorate an apartment, as well. These classic decorations never go out of style and are perfect for someone looking for a cute way to decorate for Halloween.

Halloween Reapers – $14.99

These Halloween reapers will help turn any home into a horrifying haunted house. Let these scary reapers with skeleton fingers bring that Halloween spirit into your home. Place them next to a few skull-head tabletop decorations for that perfect indoor Halloween look. Give your trick-or-treater’s an unexpected scare if you hang them on your front door.

As summer comes to a close and fall approaches, it will be time to take out those Halloween decorations. We hope these few decorations our store managers suggested will look great at your home this year!

7 Interesting Facts about Halloween

buffalo wny halloween holiday storeWe all know about common Halloween facts and traditions. Jack-O’-Lanterns are named after a man named Jack. Trick-or-Treating used to be a way to control vandalism on Halloween night. You know, the usual facts we hear every year. However, there are some quite interesting facts that I just learned recently and I found them fascinating. I put together a quick post to share these facts with you. Read the points below and save them for some great Halloween conversation starters!


  • In earlier Trick-or-Treating customs, visitors would have to dance before getting their treats or goods. I think I’m going to try instituting this rule at my house this year.
  • Masks were made from animal skins and horse heads in past eras. Ohhh boy… no thank you. How happy are you that we live in this time after reading that?
  • Halloween was once as romantic as Valentine’s Day is today. A variety of traditions revolved around finding your significant other. Since everyone was out looking for his or her soulmate, people would mingle and get together on the idea of romance.
  • The mask Mike Myers wore in the movie Halloween was actually a $2 Captain Kirk mask. Somehow a killer wearing William Shatner’s face is much more terrifying!
  • The famous magician Harry Houdini died on Halloween night in 1926. That will be 9 decades next Halloween!
  • Silly String is illegal in Hollywood on Halloween night. Apparently it was so bad one year they had to set a strong penalty to discourage people from buying or using silly string during this time. The consequences are the same as littering, and they’re strictly enforced. Anyone caught possessing, purchasing, or using silly string is subject to a $1000 fine or six months of jail time!
  • A full moon on Halloween is as rare as it is cool. Unfortunately, we won’t have another one for five years. The next Halloween full moon will be October 31, 2020

8 Gorgeous DIY Halloween Centerpiece Projects

There’s 25 days left until Halloween, and probably even less until the parties start! Are you hosting a spooky gathering for family and friends? Among delicious treats, fun games, and a costume contest, your party will need some attention-demanding decorations and centerpieces. If you’ve been to one of our stores, you’ve likely seen beautiful glitter skulls, glass pumpkins, mason jars, luminaries, lanterns and more. Today’s post features our favorite centerpiece ideas from Pinterest, to help inspire you with ideas on how to use some of our great decorations. Check them out and let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments section. Happy Haunting!

Monster Eyeballs

Candy Corn Candle Holders

Spider Luminaries

Mummy Wine Bottles

Spooky Eyeball Flower

Vampire Pumpkins

Creepy Floral Centerpiece

Spooky Sticks

Sherrie Carter

13 Fun & Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

When fall hits, some of us think “cider” and some of us think “Halloween”. For those that are super excited for the

haunting season that lies ahead, we have some great outdoor decorating ideas. Give your porch, patio, or backyard a

festive, spooky touch with some of these Pinterest inspirations! View our favorites below, and be sure to share your

favorite scary decoration in our comments section! Happy Haunting!

Crates, Pumpkins, & Candles

Witch Had Door Swag

Rainbow Pumpkins

DIY Low Lying Fog

Pumpkin Checkers

Floating Apple Candles

Spooky Glowing Eyes!

Witch Hat Luminaries

Climbing Skeletons

Creepy Masking Tape Hand

Spooky Lighting

Garbage Can Full of Skeletons

Skeleton Flamingos!

Sherrie Carter