Three Christmas Decorations For Every Home

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re getting excited at our stores. We know that these next few weeks can be hectic, but nothing should get in the way of you decorating your house for Christmas. A few of our store managers suggested a few products they think will be a big hit at your home this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving, and have a great time decorating your home for Christmas!

Sparkle Any Room With A Night Light

Sure you can add that festive lighting in your home with a few strands of Christmas lights, but what about some Christmas themed night lights? These night lights provide a nice holiday touch to any room, and the bubble light is just one other way to add that unique festive sparkle in your home. Give your kids that sense of Christmas magic by adding a Santa Claus or snowman nightlight in their room. If you want to bring attention to your guests add a few elegant ornament themed nightlights throughout the house. Find that perfect style, and brighten up your home this Christmas!

Get The Traditional Look With Tinsel Icicles

Complete the look of your beautifully decorated Christmas tree with traditional looking tinsel icicles. These decorative silver and gold tinsel icicles have been a classic decoration for many years bringing that flair touch to your Christmas tree, wreaths, or garland. Choose your favorite color, and finish off your Christmas decorating with some beautiful tinsel icicles!

New Color Changing Festive Window Silhouettes

Finish off your Christmas decorating in your home with a few multi-colored lighted snowflake window silhouettes. These easy to set up window decorations are the perfect way to brighten up your home for the holidays. A window silhouette like this can brighten up your home for the holidays with its 35 changing color light bulbs. Hang it on your window and watch the colorful lights grab the attention of your guests. Christmas window silhouettes are the perfect welcoming decoration for any home!

These are just a few Christmas decorations that will help you create that festive look at your home this year. Stop by Dave’s to check out our entire Christmas collection, and let our store managers help you find the perfect decorations for your home!

If you’re looking for a few Christmas decorating tips, we have you covered with our tips and inspiration just for you!

3 Christmas Decorations We Absolutely Adore

The snow is falling, and that means Christmas is right around the corner. As the holidays approach, now’s the perfect time to start planning out your Christmas decorations. With all of our Halloween pop-up stores now flipped to Christmas, our store managers are ready to help you find those perfect decorations for your home this Christmas season! A few store managers are already excited about a few items they wanted to share!

Outdoor Decorations For That Winter Wonderland Look

What better way to create that winter wonderland look at your home than with a few light up outdoor decorations? These acrylic decorations are a great way to welcome your guests and brighten up your home for the holidays. With a variety of decorations ranging from Santa Claus to large trees, you can create an entire outdoor scene or simply place a few decorations on your porch. Let these decorations light up your home for the holidays!

Grab Guests Attention With A Stunning 12-Foot Tree

Want to make a statement in your home or office building during the holidays? A 12 foot multi-colored Christmas tree would definitely do the trick! This tree is simply amazing and is perfect for homes with high ceilings or office lobbies. Let this Christmas tree bring that holiday spirit into your space when you decorate it with your precious ornaments or other tree decorations. Ask one of our tree specialists to help you shop online or visit

Add Vibrant Color With Pink Christmas Tree

Put a little color in your home during Christmas with this beautiful Pink Flocked Christmas tree. The vibrant pink color along with clear Christmas lights will bring that festive look and feel into your home while capturing the attention of your guests. A tree like this is the perfect way to make a statement in your home, and add that unique look to your holiday decorating. Adorn your home during the holidays with this beautiful and colorful pink flocked Christmas tree!

Each week we get more excited as Christmas approaches! Although you may think it’s still far away, now’s a great time to get those decorations for that perfect holiday look at your home this year. Stop by Dave’s and let our team help you find the decorations you need for your home.

A Couple’s Touching Story on Early Christmas Shopping [VIDEO]

Today’s blog post is unlike the others, as I’m not here with decorating tips or party advice, although I love those posts. I’m writing to your hearts today. So get the tissues and get ready to feel.

Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is known for pulling a little too tightly at our heartstrings, and he’s done it again today. While recognizing a couple from Knoxville, he gives them recognition for working so hard. In a later interview, the couple reveals a touching story that highlights one of the most beautiful parts of Christmas.

I was in my blogging zone, doing research on current holiday shopping trends, and… I found this highlight from an earlier show.  At first, I enjoyed the story as it ties in with our recent post about holiday shopping early. As the interview progresses, Jerry Robertson reveals a bittersweet story.

Human psychology causes parents to work hard on giving their children a better life than they had. It’s how we progress, and it’s why every generation advances. That’s exactly what the Robertson’s did. In the interview, they mentioned that they grew up in poor families, without much of a Christmas. My heart sank when I heard this. Maybe it’s because I love Christmas and want the best for everyone, or maybe I’m overly empathetic. I mean, the thought of children not having a wonderful Christmas just slays me… even more so when they’re wonderful, giving people. Everyone deserves a happy holiday.  I truly felt for these people and knew tears were imminent. What they said next caused me to cry and write this post commending them on what they’ve done.

Jerry and Sheila Robinson spend the entire year making sure Christmas happens for their family. The first impression of the show’s clip is that these two have their holiday shopping and wrapping completely done already. While that’s amazing in itself, as it’s not even October, their reasoning is what really hits you “right in the feels“. They begin shopping on December 26th every year, evading crowds and getting great deals. This couple will continuously shop throughout the year, ensuring they can give their kids a great Christmas with a variety of gifts they really want. The Robertson’s are truly wonderful people, as they spend all year putting in an extensive effort and serious planning to ensure this happens no matter what. Their children are their priority, and that is madly endearing.

“We both grew up in poor families, to be honest,” explained Jerry Robinson, “And we didn’t have very big Christmases. So we spoiled our kids and our grandkids with humongous Christmases. That’s what we do.” [Read more]

To me, our staff, and likely most of our customers, Christmas is about love, selflessness, and pure joy. Ensuring everyone has a memorable, happy holiday is what we’re all about. This interview encapsulates all of that and so much more. You can see from this conversation that they are truly happy and thoughtful people… our favorite breed of humans.

I’ve included the interview below if you’d like to see it (and cry) for yourself. It’s all so very touching.