Popular Father’s Day Items Your Dad Will Love

Father’s Day is a time to show your appreciation and love for your dad. Your hard-working dad deserves a day off from the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s society. On his day off, you will want to give him a gift he will enjoy. Our store manager Paola suggested three last-minute gifts that the dad in your life will actually use. Whether you are searching for a gift for your dad, husband, or father-in-law, there is something for everyone at Dave’s. We wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day!

Everyday Polo Shirts – $3.99

Every dad can use a new polo for those nights out with family and friends. Is your dad a golfer? These polos are a must-have for him! They’re perfect to wear on the golf course and in the clubhouse. These polos come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your dad. You can’t go wrong with polos, especially at a bargain price of $3.99.

Stunning 32” Smart TV – $79.99

Most dads love electronics. Nothing is better than gifting him with a smart TV that’s perfect for watching his favorite sports teams or TV shows. At one great price, you get a 32” Smart TV with both the remote and stand. Giving your dad a TV on Father’s Day would truly show how much you appreciate his hard work.

Relax in the Pool With Pool Beer Pong – $29.99

After a long day at work, the dad in your life probably loves to lounge in the pool to relax. Paola suggested a fun little pool game for your dad when he’s in the pool to relieve that stress. Pool Beer Pong is a great way to let your dad get a little competitive with family or friends while enjoying a cold one! With summer weather in the air, this is a great little gift to give your dad.

It’s important to show how much you care about your dad on Father’s Day. Give him time to relax and a gift he will enjoy. The items Paola suggested are perfect for any dad and won’t break the bank either!

This Week’s Hot Buys: Picked By Our Store Managers

Summer is right around the corner and that means new decor will be going up and Father’s Day is coming. Our store managers have picked out some of their favorite items that they think would be a great fit in your home this summer along with some Father’s Day gift ideas. We hope to see you stop by and pick out your decor items soon!

Beer Can String Lights – $16.99

If your dad has that awesome man cave in the basement, these beer can string lights are a must have! Hang these lights from the ceiling or mantel to capture everyone’s attention. These will complete any man cave or can be used for entertaining. Stop by and get your dad a set of these soon!

Spring & Summer Ornaments & Charms – $5.99

Bring color into your home with these spring- and summer-themed ornaments and charms. These beautifully-designed pieces come with inspirational words and phrases. Perfect for your car, office, mantels, light fixtures, or anywhere you need a bit of cheer. With plenty of styles and designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your home. Add color to your home this year with ornaments and charms!

Custom-Made Silk Centerpieces – $34.99

Artificial floral centerpieces are a great way to bring that color and pop into your home during the spring and summer. Stop in to customize your own floral centerpiece to really show your home’s personality and style. With many flower and plant choices, you’ll be able to create that perfect one for your home!

Our store managers are here to help you find those perfect decor pieces for your home both indoor and outdoor. We hope these few items can give you an idea on the potential home decor items can bring to your home!

This Week’s Hot Buys Picked By Our Store Managers

Summer is the perfect time to be outside with family and friends enjoying the warm, sunny days. Here in Buffalo, we like to take advantage of these summer days by entertaining throughout the day into nighttime. Our store managers have suggested a few items that are perfect for entertaining and showing your home’s style during the summer. We hope these help you decorate your patio this year!

Hammock With Fringe – $44.99

There’s no doubt that you and your guests want to relax and enjoy some of that beautiful sunshine during the summer. What better way to do so than on a comfortable hammock in your backyard? Our store owner Paola says this hammock will “…add elegance to your backyard while you relax in the warm summer sun.” It’s time for you to enjoy some sunshine in your backyard!

7-Piece Dining Set with Glass-Top Table & 6 Stackable Chairs – $449.99

Our Niagara Falls store manager Paola said, “This is such a great price for an outdoor patio set that will seat 6 of your family and friends, so you can dine out on your deck or patio.” With this patio set, you know you will have plenty of room for entertaining your guests. Stackable chairs means you can save room when extra chairs are not in use.

Hanging Light with Edison Bulb – $34.99

Entertain all night long outdoors with beautiful hanging lights with Edison bulbs. They will add the light you need to keep the party going and bring that decorative touch your guests will love. These hanging lights fit well with any patio set and make the perfect patio decor accent. Entertain your guests all night long with outdoor lights like these this year.

Wind Chimes – $34.99

Wind chimes are a great outdoor decor accent that never go out of style. With plenty of options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect wind chimes for your home. Enjoy the soothing sounds of wind chimes outdoors with many styles starting at just $19.99.

Gazing Balls – $17.99

Another item that adds a relaxing vibe to your outdoor space is the gazing ball. It’s stood the test of time and is just as popular as ever, according to our manager Blane. Coming in a variety of colors like this blue and green one, you’ll be sure to find that perfect one that captures your home’s personality. This year, use a gazing ball to add some pop to your garden!

Jackson Self-Watering Pots – $4.99

If you enjoy having plants around the house, these Jackson self-watering pots are perfect for you. They help keep your plants watered and healthy by not letting too much water in, which is a common cause of root rot. Keep your beautiful plants healthy and save time with self watering pots like these. Nothing makes your home more welcoming than well-kept flowers and plants!

Use these suggestions from our store managers to spruce up your home this spring and summer for your guests when they come over. Enjoy the beautiful Buffalo weather!

This Week’s Hot Buys Picked By Our Store Managers

Whether you’re decorating the garden or backyard patio, Dave’s has what you need! This week, we asked our wonderful store managers and employees to pick their favorite products that they believe could be a beautiful fit in anyone’s home. We hope their suggestions help you pick out the perfect products for your home.

Summer Gnome – $19.99

Gnomes are crazy popular in the Buffalo area. And the price point on this fun-loving summer gnome is just right for our customers. Our assistant store manager Shelby describes this summer gnome as “…an adorable addition guaranteed to add a unique welcome to any porch or garden.” Kids and adults will get a kick out of this guy!

Four-Tier Plant Stand – $59.99

Do you have flowers in your home that you like to showcase? If so, this four-tier plant stand could be the perfect decor piece for you. Shelby likes how “ it is a classic way to add flair while displaying your flowers and plants.” Make a statement in your home with both your flowers and how you present them with a decor piece like this.

Black Metal Lantern Light – $19.99

If you like to entertain, these lantern string lights add some ambiance inside or outside. Shelby mentioned how “these metal lantern lights are the perfect addition to any event, indoors and out. These lights fit any theme from rustic to nautical.” However you like to entertain, a decor piece like this will go a long way!

Large Angel Statuary – $99.99

Bringing character to your garden just became much easier with Denise’s product suggestion. Our large angel statuary will bring together your entire garden and be the statement piece outdoors. It will fit well in any home, and you will definitely not be disappointed in this garden accent piece!  

Double Cherub Bird Bath – $49.99

Every backyard needs a piece that will grab everyone’s attention. This find by our store manager Paola will do just that. The double cherub bird bath is a beautifully designed bird bath that everyone will be amazed by. In return, you will get to enjoy your backyard with the beautiful birds that come spend time in your new bird bath.

Gazing Ball – $17.99

If you’re looking for that perfect outdoor decor piece, a gazing ball could be a great option for you. Paola and her employees love these pieces so much they showcase them in the front window of their store. With gazing balls coming in a variety of styles and designs, you’ll be sure to find that perfect one for your yard.

Thanks to our store managers and employees for their suggestions on different decor products that can spruce up your home this year. We hope you take advantage of these products and give your guests something to talk about! Stop by Dave’s soon to check out all of these decor pieces.

This Week’s Hot Buys: Selected by Our Store Managers

Did you know that Dave’s brings in new inventory every week? With so many items to browse, we want to highlight the best deals for you! We asked our savvy store managers which new trendy products they recommend. Our managers want to help you create that perfect setting indoors or outdoors this month. We hope this helps!

Deluxe Hanging Baskets – $34.99

Looking to add color to your patio? Our store manager Susan suggests adding our deluxe hanging baskets to your backyard or front yard. They provide a great amount of color and need very low maintenance. With a variety of colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right one for your patio.

LED Lighted Train Water Fountain – $189.99

Adding a unique look to any backyard can capture your guests’ attention. A popular item at our Depew store location, the Train Fountain captures the antique looks with a realistic smokestack and relaxing waterfall. This piece can be a great statement at your home and conversation starter!

Inflatable White Jumbo Magical Unicorn Float – $34.99

When the warm weather comes around, kids are going to excited to jump into that pool! Susan pointed out the trending inflatable animal float perfect for your day at the pool. Kids and even adults can enjoy this pool float. 85.5″H x 63″W x 47″D

This Week’s Hot Buys Selected by Our Store Managers

Dave’s is known for its great deals on Christmas, but we’re so much more! We’ve searched all over to find on-trend spring and summer items. We asked our wonderful store managers which new products they recommend this month, and which ones you’ll find at their homes. We hope you find these products as beautiful as we do!

Beach Themes Are Perfect Throughout The House

Summer is a great time to carry that beach theme into your home. Paola of our Niagara Falls location had a great time putting this set together for her daughter’s room.

It showcases a beautiful hammock swing that can mount from the ceiling. She complimented the hammock with accent flamingo throw pillows. To finish off the setting, a potted palm tree was placed behind the swing for a tropical vibe.

These three decor pieces go well with each other and create a beautiful indoor setting at her home. What a great way to carry that beach theme into your home!

Customize Your Backyard With Colorful Decor Accents

Jeff at our Cheektowaga store location suggests a gazing ball with a stand to add color to your backyard. It’s also a relaxing accent piece that has continued in popularity over the years.

A great accent to any patio or porch is wooden furniture and Jeff mentioned how great the Acaca Jack and Jill Wood Set looks on any backyard patio. Customize your wood furniture with beautiful outdoor decor accents like throw pillows, blankets and much more.

The lemon theme is still going strong, and these pretty lemon-colored accent pieces stand out and add sunshine to any room.

We have plenty of great new pieces for summer and spring. Come and see what’s new at your nearest Dave’s location today!

Products Featured:

Hammock Swing: $34.99

Flamingo Throw Pillows: $9.99

Potted Palm Tree: $69.99

Gazing Balls & Stands: $17.99/ea

Acacia Jack & Jill Wood Sets: $159.99

Tasty DIY Halloween Treats to Try

Halloween treats
Halloween is just a couple weeks away. We’re sure by now you can’t wait to put on a costume and head to your party. Don’t show up empty handed! Instead, try out one of these fun and creative Halloween-themed dishes!

Mummy Dogs:

Who doesn’t like hot dogs? Anyone can easily grill up some dogs, bring a bag of buns and call it a day. But with just a little extra effort, you can transform generic hot dogs into these tasty mummy dogs. Wrap crescent rolls around the hot dogs as bandages, leaving enough room at one end for a face. Bake until the dough is golden brown. After they’re out of the oven, use mustard to draw the eyes and you’re good to go!

Evil Eye Deviled Eggs:

Deviled eggs are always a nice healthy snack option, and can be a great dish to bring for parties. Put a little Halloween spin on your deviled eggs by adding avocados(or green dye), black olives and red food dye to turn them into scary evil eyes!

Terrifying Taco Dips:

You can never have too many dips at a party. Make your dip stand out from the bunch by making it Halloween themed. Cut and bake tortillas to make tombstones and turn your dip into a spooky graveyard, or use chips and black olives to transform your dip into a Jack-O-Lantern!

Sinister Sweets:

Don’t forget about dessert! Put a fun little spin on one of your childhood-favorite desserts with these Halloween themed ideas! You can use green food coloring, melted chocolate and candy eyes to turn normal Rice Krispies treats into little Frankenstein’s. Or for an even easier dessert, drizzle some white icing on top of brownies to make some spider webs

Do you have any simple Halloween dishes that you like to make? Let us know in the comments below!

Trick-Or-Treat Safety Tips

Halloween safety

Trick or treating on Halloween is a fun experience for you and your kids to share. But cranky, tired, and over-excited kids can sometimes lead to safety issues.  Here are some kids to help keep you and your kids safe and make your trick or treating experience go as smoothly as possible.

Check the Weather:

Kids are going to be outside for a few hours, so make sure they are dressed accordingly. Of course, your child wants everyone to see that cute costume, but if it’s going to be cold, think about having your child put a sweater on under their costume. Add leggings, and maybe some waterproof boots or thermal underwear, hats, and gloves to keep your kids comfortable for a long night.

Stash the Fancy Footwear:

Children are going to be walking around for hours, so make sure they put on the right pair of sneakers to avoid blisters and other foot problems. Also, make sure the costume isn’t too long and there aren’t loose pieces attached. A costume that’s too long can cause a kid to trip and fall, and loose articles of clothing can get caught on branches, bushes, etc. Also, make sure that any mask or makeup they have doesn’t obstruct their vision.

Plan the Route Ahead of Time:

Planning out a route will help children know where they’re going in case they get separated from the pack. It is also a good way to make sure that your child crosses as few streets as possible for their safety. Maybe do a practice run with your kids so they are familiar with their route. Of course, having an adult or two present should help keep kids from getting lost.

Light up the Night:

If your child will be out trick or treating after dark, be sure to add reflective tape to their costumes or have them bring a flashlight, glow stick, etc. with them. Even the most careful driver can have trouble seeing at night, so make sure that your child stays illuminated for their own safety.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road:

On the same note, if you’re going to drive during the trick-or-treating hours, be sure to pay attention! Expect the unexpected. Many pedestrians will be hard to see, and with their masks on they might not even see your car coming. Keep your eyes on the road, stop at each cross walk, and be sure to look both ways before taking your foot off the brakes.

Check the Candy:

Finding razorblades and needles in Halloween candy is rare, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check the candy anyway. Go through your kid’s collection and throw away any candy that is unwrapped or has a broken seal, as these can be unsanitary or dangerous.

Stay safe out there and have a Happy Halloween!

5 Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall has arrived! Not only is it finally time to break out the flannels and the apple cider, but it’s also a great time to get creative with your home decor. Here are a few fall decorating ideas for you to try this season:

Table Decor:

A table centerpiece is a great way to transform a space! We have a great selection of artificial floral centerpieces to choose from. Place these on a dining room table or end table and let them bring a fall feel to any room.

Fall Table Decor

Fresh From the Garden:

One of the best parts of fall is the colors, and our garden centers are the place to go to lively colored fall plants! Our selection of pumpkins, hay bales, fall squash, mums and other natural fall decorations will make it easy for you to design your autumn theme.

Fall Garden

Wreaths and Garland:

Don’t think of wreaths and garland as Christmas specific decorations! Wreaths and garland are a great way to decorate your home for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Fall Wreaths

Get Cute With Your Halloween Decor:

While spooky Halloween decorations tend to only be brought out around Halloween time, cute Halloween decor can be used all season long! We have a great selection of cute Halloween decor available like these costumed dog figurines and pumpkin jars.

Halloween Decor

Autumn Lanterns:

A great decoration for autumn is to fill up a decorative lantern. Add in some mini-pumpkins or candles to complete the look. This simple and versatile fall decoration is perfect add some curb appeal outdoors or to be used as part of a table centerpiece!

Fall Lantern

Dave’s has everything you need for fall decor and more. Stop by one of our locations today!

How To Close Your Pool For Winter In 7 Steps

pool closing tips

It’s been a warm September, but it looks like the weather is finally starting to cool down. Soon you’re going to have to close up your pool for the winter. It might seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow the steps below to easily get your pool ready for the winter.

1: Check Your Supplies:

Before starting the pool closing process, make sure that you have all the supplies that you need. You’ll need a winter chemical kit, which we have available at Dave’s. You’ll also want to make sure that you have all of the necessary winter tubes and plugs to properly close your pool. Now would also be a good time to check your winter pool cover and make sure it’s in good shape.

2: Clear Out Equipment From Your Pool & Deck:

Take out ladders, rails and other accessories from your pool. Getting these out of the way early will clear out space and make the other steps easier to complete.

3: Clean & Balance Your Pool Water:

Clean your pool as you normally would. Removing as much debris as possible will make it easier to open up your pool next summer. You’ll also want to make sure your water is properly balanced to prepare it for the next step.

4: Add Your Winter Chemical Kit:

Once your pool is properly balanced, go ahead and add the chemicals from your winter closing kit. These chemicals help to keep your water as clean as possible over the wintertime.

5: Prepare Your Pool Filtration System:

How you prepare your filtration system for the winter varies depending on the filter that you have. It’s best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for this step.

6: Lower The Water Level & Add Freeze Plugs:

It’s recommended that you lower your water level to 6 inches below the skimmer opening. This will prevent your pool water from causing damage when it freezes and expands. Once you’ve lowered the water level, add your winter plugs.

7: Cover Your Pool:

Add your winter pool cover and make sure it is secured to keep debris and more from getting into your pool. Depending on your pool size, this may be a multi-person task.

Once your pool is properly covered, it should be ready for the winter! We would recommend that you occasionally check your pool throughout the winter to make sure it hasn’t been damaged.