How To Close Your Pool For Winter In 7 Steps

pool closing tips

It’s been a warm September, but it looks like the weather is finally starting to cool down. Soon you’re going to have to close up your pool for the winter. It might seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow the steps below to easily get your pool ready for the winter.

1: Check Your Supplies:

Before starting the pool closing process, make sure that you have all the supplies that you need. You’ll need a winter chemical kit, which we have available at Dave’s. You’ll also want to make sure that you have all of the necessary winter tubes and plugs to properly close your pool. Now would also be a good time to check your winter pool cover and make sure it’s in good shape.

2: Clear Out Equipment From Your Pool & Deck:

Take out ladders, rails and other accessories from your pool. Getting these out of the way early will clear out space and make the other steps easier to complete.

3: Clean & Balance Your Pool Water:

Clean your pool as you normally would. Removing as much debris as possible will make it easier to open up your pool next summer. You’ll also want to make sure your water is properly balanced to prepare it for the next step.

4: Add Your Winter Chemical Kit:

Once your pool is properly balanced, go ahead and add the chemicals from your winter closing kit. These chemicals help to keep your water as clean as possible over the wintertime.

5: Prepare Your Pool Filtration System:

How you prepare your filtration system for the winter varies depending on the filter that you have. It’s best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for this step.

6: Lower The Water Level & Add Freeze Plugs:

It’s recommended that you lower your water level to 6 inches below the skimmer opening. This will prevent your pool water from causing damage when it freezes and expands. Once you’ve lowered the water level, add your winter plugs.

7: Cover Your Pool:

Add your winter pool cover and make sure it is secured to keep debris and more from getting into your pool. Depending on your pool size, this may be a multi-person task.

Once your pool is properly covered, it should be ready for the winter! We would recommend that you occasionally check your pool throughout the winter to make sure it hasn’t been damaged.

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