4 Haunted Places in Buffalo

Haunted Places in Buffalo

Halloween season is the perfect time to get a little spooked. There are plenty of haunted houses to walk through and scary movies to watch, but what about real haunted places? If you’re someone who believes in the paranormal, Buffalo, NY has a number of haunted spots available. Take a look at our list below for some great haunted places to check out.

Richardson Olmsted Complex:

With its gothic architecture and history as an abandoned asylum, many stories have been told of strange noises and sightings at the Richardson Olmsted Complex. Closed in the 1970s, through the years it became derelict and severely damaged, but eventually plans to rehabilitate the building came through. Today the main part of the complex has become Hotel Henry, a hotel and conference center, but many claim to still hear screaming and moaning from the abandoned sections of the complex!

Book a room and stay overnight at the hotel to see if anything appears, or take a walk around the complex to see the outside of the abandoned wings. There are also in-depth tours available.

Richardson Olmsted Complex

Buffalo Naval & Military Park:

The Buffalo Naval & Military Park is home to several decommissioned Navy vessels, three of which claim history of the paranormal. For example, the USS The Sullivans was named after the five Sullivan brothers who were killed during World War II. Some believe that their spirits linger in the park. Not to be outdone, many have also noticed strange occurrences aboard the USS Little Rock and the USS Croaker. Some guests claim they’ve heard phantom voices and footsteps.

Buffalo Naval Park

Central Terminal:

The Buffalo Central Terminal is also known as one of the most haunted buildings in Buffalo. Originally built in the 1920’s, the terminal was abandoned for decades and gradually began to fall into a state of disrepair. In more recent years, the Central Terminal has been restored and has been home to some exciting events. Even with its recent revitalization, claims of spirits still exist and ghost tours are still offered for those who are brave enough.

Buffalo Central Terminal

Town Ballroom:

Formerly a speakeasy during the prohibition, the basement of the Town Ballroom was used for gambling and illegal meetings. It’s been rumored that Al Capone even went there a few times! Today this venue is mainly used for concerts, but every now and then people hear sounds of gambling and parties coming from the basement. Some have even claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions!

Do you know of any other haunted places in Buffalo? Leave a comment and let us know.

6 Fall Activities in WNY

fall activities in WNY

The days may be getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stay inside. There are still plenty of great fall activities for you and your family to enjoy! Take a look below for a short list of fall activities available in Western New York.

Go Apple Picking:

Are you looking for a way to get your kids to eat healthy? Going apple picking could do the trick. A great family activity, apple picking let’s your kids see how apples grow, and select their own. Places like Baker Farm in Lockport and Becker Farms in Gasport are great apple picking stops.

Head To A Pumpkin Patch:

Similar to apple picking, a pumpkin patch is another great outdoor family experience for fall. Pumpkinville in Great Valley is a wonderful spot filled with family activities, as is Wheatfield Pumpkin Farm and The Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence. Then, bring them home and have fun carve or color it for a creative activity.

Walk Through A Corn Maze:

There are a number of corn mazes available in the Western New York area, all with varying degrees of difficulty. Some can even be done at night! Your best bet is to call ahead to make sure the course won’t be too easy or too hard for you and your kids.

Check Out A Haunted House or Hayride:

Fall is the season of Halloween, so don’t forget to get spooky! See if you can survive going through Frightworld without chickening out or take one of the many haunted hayrides found around the Western NY area.

Check Out Becker Farms:

Becker Farms offers more than just apple picking. Looking for a haunted hayride, apple picking and a brewery all rolled into one? You can find all of this and more at Becker Farms. This farm and bakery also hosts a number of events during fall including Oktoberfest, The Pumpkin Fiesta and more.

Take A Hike:

With all of the changing colors of the leaves, even hikes that you’ve already walked over the summertime will look a whole lot different during the fall. Take a look at our previous blog for a short list of great hikes in Western NY.

5 Facts You May Not Know About Buffalo

Here at Dave’s, we’re proud to be based out of the great city of Buffalo. This city is filled with a rich history and some memorable facts. Our city is known as the home of wings and Dyngus Day, but there is more to city  that you may not have heard before! Here are some great obscure facts about Buffalo that you may not know:

City of Buffalo

1: City of Light:

Many people know Buffalo as “The Queen City”, being the 2nd largest city in New York. But Buffalo also can be referred to as the “City of Light”. This is because Buffalo was one of the first cities to have electric street lamps, thanks in part to the hydroelectric power we were able to get from Niagara Falls.

2: No Snowballs Allowed:

Although we’re known for being pounded with lake effect snow every year, you can’t legally throw this stuff around. City law actually prohibits the throwing of snowfalls except for in certain designated areas.

3: The Turkey Trot

Can you remember a year where the YMCA Turkey Trot didn’t exist? We’re sure you can’t! The very first Buffalo Turkey Trot was in 1896 and has continued on every year since then, making it the oldest and longest running public footrace in the United States!

4: We’re Actually Quite Rich in Presidential History:

We’re sure most people know that President McKinley was fatally shot in Buffalo. What’s less often talked about is that afterwards, Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in while in Buffalo, becoming one of few presidents to be sworn in outside of Washington D.C.

On top of that, two Buffalonians also served as president: Millard Fillmore and Grover Cleveland. Both spent many years building their political careers in Buffalo before becoming president.

5: Our City is Part of the Strangest Sentence You’ll Ever Hear

“Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.” That is a real sentence, and it’s grammatically correct! It uses variations of the word “buffalo”: the city, the animal, and as a verb meaning “to confuse, intimidate, or bully”. I’d love to explain more about what it means, but trying to fully understand it gave me a headache.

buffalo buffalo buffalo

With all these great facts and such a rich history, there are plenty of reasons to love the city of Buffalo, so why not flaunt it? Stop by our locations in Cheektowaga or Depew and browse some of the Buffalo memorabilia and gifts that we have available to choose from.

buffalo merchandise


Get Outdoors: 7 Summertime Events in WNY

Now that 4th of July over, it may feel like summer is almost done. But there’s still plenty of summertime left, and plenty of outdoor events to enjoy. Here are 7 great summertime events in Western NY.

1) Food Truck Tuesdays:

Every Tuesday, dozens of food trucks and hundreds of hungry customers fill up Larkin Square. You can grab a meal from your favorite truck, enjoy the live music and have some fun!

food truck burger

2) Canalside:

Most people know about the concerts Thursdays at Canalside, but there are plenty of other events that go on throughout the week as well. You can join in on a yoga session, bring the kids for family fun events, or just pop by to take a picture with shark girl.


Photo Credit: @CarShowShooter Flickr via Compfight cc

3) Darien Lake:

Head on over to Darien Lake, where you can feel the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster drop or cool off in the water park. There are also campgrounds available if you’re looking to stay the night.

Darien Lake
Photo Credit: Scallop Holden Flickr via Compfight cc

4) Shakespeare in the Park:

Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the unique experience of Shakespeare at an outdoor theater. Located in Delaware Park, This years performances are of King Lear and Much Ado About Nothing.

Buffalo Shakespeare
Photo Credit: Jon Rieley-Goddard aka baldyblogger Flickr via Compfight cc

5) Bisons Game:

There’s nothing quite like the combination of a baseball game and a hot dog. Head on over to Coca-Cola Field and cheer on your favorite team.

Bisons game
Photo Credit: TynonUser Flickr via Compfight cc

6) Transit Drive-In:

Come to Transit Drive-In and watch a new double-feature or come in on Retro Movie Tuesday for a little bit of nostalgia.


7) Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts:

A great way to check out the local art scene, the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts takes place August 25th thru the 26th. You can enjoy some of the performances and shop hundreds of artist’s booths.

Elmwood Avenue

Photo Credit: jay galvin Flickr via Compfight cc

Upcoming Garden Events in WNY


Buffalo is well known for its wings and its snowy winters, but one thing that the people of western New York don’t get enough credit for are their beautiful gardens. In fact, thanks to these gardens, Buffalo is currently home to the largest garden walk event in America!

Garden Walk Buffalo will bring together thousands of people over two days – July 28th and 29th – to tour over 400 urban gardens. This family-friendly event brings many Buffalo neighborhoods to life. But this isn’t the only event taking place this year. There are a number of upcoming garden-focused events throughout western New York in the coming months. Here are some of the most popular upcoming local gardening events:

-Lewiston GardenFest, June 16-17

-Town of Amherst Garden Walk, July 7

-Grand Island Garden Walk, July 8

-City of Tonawanda Garden Walk, July 13-14

-Garden Walk of Niagara Falls, July 14

-Village of Williamsville Garden Walk, July 21

-Garden Walk Buffalo, July 28-29

Have you signed up your garden for one of these garden walks? Dave’s has all the supplies you need to make sure your garden is looking great when visitors arrive! Stop by one of our locations for gardening tools, flowers, topsoil, mulch and more.

Want to find out more information about these events? Gardens Buffalo Niagara has all you need to know about upcoming garden events including maps, parking and more. Take a look at its events page for more information.

3 Great Short Hikes in WNY

hiking trail

Sometimes life can get hectic. The busy schedules, the crowded supermarkets, it can all get a little stressful from time to time. Sometimes it’s nice to just get away from it all for a while. Luckily, western New York is filled with trails where you can take a walk and be separated from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can head out and enjoy the gorgeous views of forests, waterfalls and more! Here are a few of our favorite shorter hikes that WNY has to offer:

Tifft Nature Preserve:

Just minutes from downtown Buffalo, the Tifft Nature Preserve was once a landfill. Amazingly, it has since been turned into a beautiful 264-acre preserve that is perfect for hikers, birdwatchers and even fishermen. Take a walk along the trails and boardwalks to get a unique glimpse of nature along a backdrop of industrial buildings and Lake Erie.

Knox Farm State Park:

Located in East Aurora, Knox Farm State Park has trails that weave in and out of the woods. Formerly the estate of the Knox family, this is a great place to hike, horseback ride or cross-country ski in the wintertime. Best of all, Knox Farm is dog-friendly!

Eternal Flame:

Located at Chestnut Ridge, this short but challenging hike provides some great views and scenery along the hike, but it is most well known for the breathtaking view of the eternal flame. A natural gas leak within a waterfall base, this beautiful naturally fueled flame is one of a kind.

Why does Buffalo Love The Butter Lamb?

Buffalo is filled with many unique holiday traditions, but one of the more unique ones has got to be the butter lamb. To anyone outside of Buffalo, one question they’re sure to ask is “What’s with the butter lamb?” To many people living in Buffalo, the question may instead be “Why do we have the butter lamb?”

An Easter staple, the butter lamb, or buttered lamb, is a traditional butter sculpture for families of Russian, Polish & Slovenian Catholic descent. Thanks to the strength of the Buffalo Polish community, the butter lamb remains a Western New York tradition to this day. Molded into the shape of a lamb, this butter sculpture symbolizes the sacrifice of the Lamb of God. The lamb is usually adorned with peppercorn eyes, a red alleluia flag and oftentimes comes with a red ribbon that represents the Blood of Christ.

Why would you bother put a boring block of butter on the table when you can use this decorative piece instead? Whether you’re buying one to carry on family tradition, for the religious symbolism or simply for the decorative look, the butter lamb is sure to be a crowd pleaser for your Easter meal. Available at Dave’s Union Road location. Stop in and purchase yours today!

Spring Activities in Buffalo

Spring is just around the corner! The weather is starting to get warmer, and the sun seems to be shining brighter each and every day. If you’ve been hibernating this winter, it may be time to step outside and enjoy the wonderful spring weather. Here are a few great activities in Buffalo to check out this spring:

Go to the Buffalo Zoo:

Isn’t it great to see all of the different animals at the zoo? On a nice spring day, you can take a stroll through the Buffalo Zoo and learn information about some new animals, or head straight to your favorite exhibit to see the animals you love!

Take a Stroll Through Elmwood Village:

An often overlooked part of Buffalo is just how walk-able some of the neighborhoods are (once the snow clears of course). For example, the Elmwood area of Buffalo is a fantastic area to take a stroll through. You can browse some of the local shops or even walk down a connecting side street to look at some of the historical houses. There are also frequently a number of activities around the Elmwood area like Porchfest that keep the neighborhood alive.

See the Cherry Blossoms:

For a short time each year, pink clouds of cherry blossoms come alive and provide parts of Buffalo with beautiful scenery. This year, don’t miss out on the Cherry Blossom Festival taking place on May 5-6. The Japanese Gardens behind the Buffalo History Museum are filled with cherry blossom trees. You can also enjoy them at your own time; just remember that these flowers don’t bloom for long!

Go for a Bike Ride:

In recent years, the city of Buffalo has put an effort into increasing the amount of bike paths have been made all over the city. There are plenty of different bike paths that you can now take to get some exercise and get a view of the city. You can take your bikes and head down to the outer harbor for a nice ride or simply take a few laps around Delaware Park.

Our Winter Bucket List: Outdoor Activities in Buffalo

When the Christmas season is over, some people get the winter blues. But with lots of snow guaranteed every year, Buffalo, New York is a winter wonderland! Instead of hiding indoors, we embrace all the season has to offer. A few inches of snow won’t stop us from making the most out of a cold, blustery day. Here are a few great activities to check out while it’s still cold outside:

Visit Niagara Falls: As breathtaking as Niagara Falls is during the warmer months, it becomes even more magical during the winter months. Although parts of the falls become too dangerous during the winter and are closed to visitors, there are still many spots to take in this natural wonder of the world! Enjoy some of the breathtaking views as the mist of the falls rises up and freezes. Just make sure you’re bundled up to handle the cold!

Hit The Hills at Chestnut Ridge: Gather a group of family and friends and go sledding at Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park. You can have a blast going down the sledding hill, where on clear days you can even take in views of Buffalo and Lake Erie. If you’re up for it, you can also go tobogganing! Open on the weekends, you can bring your own toboggan or rent one to experience the thrill of speeding down a toboggan chute.

Public Ice Skating at Canalside: Take in the views of downtown Buffalo all while skating on the canals! Enjoy skating or pedaling around on an ice bike on the large outdoor rink. It’s a great spot to share with friends, on a date, or sneak away to over a lunch break. You can even sign up with a group and learn how to play a game of curling!

Take a Trip to Ellicottville: Known as one of the top winter destinations around, there’s always plenty to do in Ellicottville! Grab your skis or snowboard and head to the hills at Holimont of Holiday Valley for some great fun! If skiing isn’t your thing, there’s also tubing at Holiday Valley and miles of snowmobile trails available. Or, you can head downtown and check out some of the great restaurants and shops. Grab some sweets at Watson’s Chocolates or enjoy a pint at Ellicottville Brewing Company!

DAVE’S In The Community: CAO Headstart’s Community Garden

Earlier this year DAVE’S worked together with the staff at CAO head start to create a community garden. With the help of hard-working students, CAO head start prepped and mulched an area by the fence to get it ready for planting. Before planting the vegetables, pumpkins, and marigolds, they created adorable signs for the garden (pictured below). Now that we’re a few months into the garden, we can see the amazing work these kids have done, and their progress so far. In fall, we’ll check back in as we watch a new group of students harvest the pumpkins. Check out the photos below to see this fun and educational experience for the local kids.

Getting Started With Adorable Signage


The Kids Working Hard!



A Great Harvest So Far…


& The Garden Still Grows!

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