17 Gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Inviting guests over for Thanksgiving or other holiday parties this fall? Invoke a cozy, welcoming atmosphere for your nearest and dearest with adorable harvest accents and gorgeous centerpieces. Try one of these amazing ideas we found on #Pinterest, and add them to a focal point like coffee tables, dining tables, or fire mantles. Not only are these projects beautiful, but you can make them your own and totally take all the credit when guests comment on how great they look! Check them out below, and be sure to share your favorite centerpiece ideas in our comments section!

Floral & Pinecone Decoration

White Pumpkin & Wheat

Burlap, Twine & Corn

Pumpkin Wine Chiller

Edible Turkey Centerpiece

Decorative Harvest Lanterns

Painted White Pumpkins

Harvest Candle Holders

Thanksgiving Mason Jar

Glitter Pumpkins

Live Apple Candles

Twig & Silk Floral

Pumpkin & Candle Drawer

Thanksgiving Planter Box with Candles

Pumpkins in Jars

Golden Pumpkins

Pumpkin Vase

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5 Thanksgiving Cooking Fails & How To Fix Them

The first few years you cook Thanksgiving dinner, there’s bound to be some disasters… and that’s okay. I’ve had my share of cooking catasrophies. We’ve all been there. Even the best cooks face these issues as stress, time, and distractions are all factors in preparing a meal. The first thing to remember is that you can fix most of these disasters with a little bit of patience and finesse. Staying calm is easier said than done when your turkey is still frozen and your stuffing is bone dry. After reading this post, bookmark it. If one of these mishaps should occur, you’ll know where to find a solution to your problem, thus eliminating stress and panic. The one disaster we can’t help you with is the notorious “forgotten item”… so make sure you double and triple check your shopping list before and after leaving the store.


pumpkin pie fail cooking fix


The Issue: The Turkey is Still Frozen! 
Fix it:
 Thaw in cool water; this will take about 30min per pound. If you don’t have that kind of time you can still cook a frozen bird. For a 12lb turkey, cook it for about 4 or 5 hours at 325, until it reaches 165 degrees. It may need an extra hour to get to that temperature.
Prevent it: Try your best to thaw it in a fridge, leaving about five hours per pound. Leave notes, tell other people. Do your best to have enough time to thaw the bird thoroughly before cooking time.

The Issue: The Turkey is Dry!
Fix it: Spray the turkey with warm stock to desired taste. If you have the time, you can bake the turkey in vegetable stock for about 15 minutes after slicing it. Don’t just hide it in gravy. Some people don’t opt for it, and your guests may see through the cover up.
Prevent it: Take the turkey out of the oven at 155 degrees and tent it in foil until it reaches 165 degrees out of the oven. This will take about 15 minutes after you remove the turkey.

The Issue: The Stuffing is Too Dry!
Fix it. Slowly add warm broth to the mix. Butter would work as well.
Prevent it: Remember that stuffing recipes are a guideline. If it feels too dry, it probably is. Add butter or broth before baking.

The Issue: We Have Soggy Stuffing!
Fix it: This is the easiest fix of all. Simply add more dry bread, toast, or croutons to the mix . You could also bake the stuffing for an additional 15 minutes if it’s only slightly soggy.
Prevent it: Similar to the dry stuffing tip, use your judgement. If it doesn’t feel thick enough, try adding dry bread before baking. Make sure you don’t use fresh bread, as it won’t work with its moisture.

The Issue: I Cracked My Pumpkin Pie!
Fix it:  Immediately after removing the pie, before it cools… use a warm metal spatula to smooth out the crack. If the crack is too deep,  you can individually slice the pie and serve it banquet style.
Prevent it:  When baking, make sure all of the ingredients are a the same temperature. Moreover, they should all be room temperature. The shock of cold to hot in the oven is what causes the crack.
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18 Cute Thanksgiving Decorations, Snacks, & Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving is almost here! What are your plans for the kids table? What kind of decorations, activities and snacks do you have planned to keep the little ones excited and entertained? If you look for ideas on Pinterest, you won’t be short of ideas and options. We found so many cute games, snacks, and centerpiece ideas for the kids table. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at some of these adorable ideas! Check out some fun pins and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Turkey Trivia

DIY Leaf Turkey

Personalized Turkey Crafts

Candy & Chocolate Pretzel Turkey

Thanksgiving Word Search

Thankful Activity

Silly Photo Props

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Turkey Crayon Holder

Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Turkey Juice Box

Candy Turkey Leg

Cute Candy Turkeys

Kids Table Settings

Snack Cornucopia

Funny Kids Table Shirt

I Spy Game

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9 Adorable DIY Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas

Make this Thanksgiving even more special with personalized, handmade placemats for your guests. There are so many adorable ways to do this, without having to spend a ton of time or cash! Surprise family and friends with this cozy, welcoming table display AND help them choose a seat easily. These charming ideas not only add a sweet & festive touch to your dinner, but they also make life easier for everyone! Check out some of our favorites below, and don’t forget to share your ideas in our comments section!


Trader Joe’s Brown Paper Bags

Try this cute, trendy placemat craft from Guiltycrafter.com!


Turkey Hand Placemat

Create an adorable and sentimental placemats for the kid’s table.


Burlap Placemat

Add a classy, rustic look with these festive burlap placemats.

Another Burlap Placemat Idea


Printable Activity Placemats

Keep the kids busy while waiting for food with these activitiy placemats.


Turn Plates into Turkeys

Make guests laugh by turning their plates into turkeys!

Place Setting Outlines

Rustic Place Settings

I am Thankful For…

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