Fall DIY Ideas For All Ages

When the colder air starts moving in, you know the changing leaves are soon to come. Embrace the change of seasons by making your own fall decor accents. You don’t need to be an experienced professional. These crafts are perfect for little hands or adults. Here are four simple, festive, and fun DIY craft ideas that you can try out this fall.

Candy Corn Candle Holders:

Perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving, you can add a festive look to your home by adding a bit of candy corn to your candle holders. Simply, pour a few around the base of your candle. Just make sure not to fill it too high and pay attention to how low your candle gets to prevent the candy from burning, or opt for flameless candles if you have little ones who want to help fill up the candle holder.

Mummify Your House:

Kids will love this one. Hand them a roll of toilet paper or tape and (together) wrap it around household objects to instantly “mummify” them. This works well for bottles, candle jars, or even pumpkins! For an added extra touch, glue on some googly eyes.

Spooky Glowing Eyes:

This is one of the easiest and inexpensive DIY ideas I’ve come across. Perfect for any beginner. Save your empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Take out some scissors and cut holes in the rolls for eyes. Put a glow stick inside each roll and place them in your bushes for creepy eyes that can watch anyone walking by. This also makes a fun party craft. Tip: Place tape over the sides to prevent the glowsticks from falling out.

Leaf Mason Jar Luminary:

For this project, either take a leaf or trace and cut out a leaf on loose leaf paper. Tape your leaf onto a mason jar and paint over your jar with acrylic paint. When you finish painting, peel your traced leaf off of the jar and touch up any rough parts with paint. You can apply multiple leafs before painting to obtain a brighter luminary. Place a tealeaf or battery operated candle in the jar when finished. This could also make for a great fall vase.

You can mix these DIY crafts with the rest of your fall decor for a great seasonal look. Shop the selection of fall decor at Dave’s today!

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Living in an area that sees four seasons, you might miss the garden views a few months out of the year. Why not bring a few beautiful plants inside so you can enjoy greenery all year-long? Aside from improving the overall appearance of a room, adding a few indoor plants to a home or office can provide a number of other benefits.

Prevent Illnesses:

Dry air and dust have a tendency to irritate the senses, which can lead to sickness like a cold or sore throat. Having houseplants around can help to filter out dust and can increase the air humidity in your home, which can help to prevent certain illnesses.

Purify The Air:

Indoor air quality is generally worse than outdoors. But having plants in your home can help improve the quality of the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and providing detoxification benefits.

Increase Productivity:

Aside from the physical benefits of having cleaner air, plants can also provide you with mental health benefits. A little greenery in a home or office can be a natural life hack and a proven mood enhancer! Plants can help improve your emotional state by decreasing stress, anxiety and depression. Additionally, having plant life around can also help people increase creativity, productivity and memory retention.

With just a little upkeep, plants can make a wonderful addition to any home or office. Dave’s has a number of great plants available to choose from. For example, our pansies and our potted grasses can make for great indoor plants. These are easy to maintain and only need a light watering. Come on down to Dave’s and check out our plant selection today!

A Great Outdoor Selection Available At Dave’s

It’s finally starting to warm up outside, which means we can enjoy the fresh air and take in the sun without wearing so many layers! There’s no better place outside to relax than in your own backyard, but just like the inside of your home, you don’t want your yard to be an eyesore.

Luckily, Dave’s All -Season Store has everything you need to complete the look of your yard. Each of our locations has a great selection of pool, patio, garden & outdoor decor. Bring your patio to life at night with some patio lights or add some wicker furniture to your patio and get it ready to invite over some guests.

Are you looking to improve your garden? Come and browse the garden centers at our Cheektowaga and Depew locations. We have a supply of gardening tools as well as garden gnomes and hanging baskets to complete the look.

Do you lack a green thumb, but still would like to add a few plants to your home? Not to worry, we also have artificial plants available! You can enjoy all the beauty, but skip all the upkeep with our selection of life-like greenery, perfect for decorating your patio, kitchen and more.

With the selection of pool, patio and garden supplies available at Dave’s, you’re sure to find what you need to complete the look of your yard. Stop by and browse the outdoor selection at one of our locations today!

Vases, Candle Holders, & Jars at DAVE’S

You’ll always find a wide selection of stunning candle holders, vases & jars at DAVE’S, regardless of the season. Currently, we have an amazing collection of summery colors that blend well with Pantone’s colors of the year (rose quartz and serenity). We’ve got vases made of ceramic, glass, metals, and terracotta. With varying textures, sizes, colors, and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect culmination of accents for your home. Below, you’ll see photos from the store, where I created several combinations of my favorite items. Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments section; we’d love to hear from you!

Perfect Pantone Shades

Untitled design (2)

Purples & Pinks

Untitled design (3)

Blues, Teals, & Greens

Untitled design (4)

4 Favorites!

Untitled design (5)

Sherrie Carter