Dave’s September Gardening Tips

September gardening tips
Summer may be ending soon, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to call it quits on your garden! Here are 5 gardening tips for September to keep your plants looking great.

Keep On Weeding:

While you can’t get them all, the more weeds you take care of in the fall, the less you’ll have to handle come springtime. Consistently weeding can prevent the weeds from seeding and help to keep your garden healthy for next year.

Repot Your Houseplants:

Fall is a great time to repot your houseplants before winter sets in and check them for pests to keep them healthy. Make sure your plants are placed in a window that gets a good amount of sunshine so they will last throughout the winter months.

Plant Your Bulbs:

It’s nice to plant flowers that are already ready to bloom, but there’s a real feeling of accomplishment that comes from seeing a bulb that you planted begin to sprout once winter is over. Spring flowering bulbs like daffodils must be planted in the fall before the first freeze. Wait until the soil is around 45 degrees so your bulbs don’t sprout early. Then plant your bulbs and add fertilizer to help it grow.

Divide and Transplant:

With the cooler weather, now’s the time to divide plants that are not blooming as well and transplant your spring and summer perennials to keep them from overcrowding the rest of your garden. You can repot them or move them around throughout the garden. Just make sure that you water your transplanted plants thoroughly.

Add Some Mums:

You might start to notice the color fading from your garden this month. Don’t worry though, because mums have arrived! Well-established mums can be safely planted up to the end of October. The blooms of mums last for weeks, and the amount of flowers per plant give off a solid pop of color. We currently have 9” mums available at Dave’s. Stop by today and pick up some mums to bring some color back to your yard!

Upcoming Garden Events in WNY


Buffalo is well known for its wings and its snowy winters, but one thing that the people of western New York don’t get enough credit for are their beautiful gardens. In fact, thanks to these gardens, Buffalo is currently home to the largest garden walk event in America!

Garden Walk Buffalo will bring together thousands of people over two days – July 28th and 29th – to tour over 400 urban gardens. This family-friendly event brings many Buffalo neighborhoods to life. But this isn’t the only event taking place this year. There are a number of upcoming garden-focused events throughout western New York in the coming months. Here are some of the most popular upcoming local gardening events:

-Lewiston GardenFest, June 16-17

-Town of Amherst Garden Walk, July 7

-Grand Island Garden Walk, July 8

-City of Tonawanda Garden Walk, July 13-14

-Garden Walk of Niagara Falls, July 14

-Village of Williamsville Garden Walk, July 21

-Garden Walk Buffalo, July 28-29

Have you signed up your garden for one of these garden walks? Dave’s has all the supplies you need to make sure your garden is looking great when visitors arrive! Stop by one of our locations for gardening tools, flowers, topsoil, mulch and more.

Want to find out more information about these events? Gardens Buffalo Niagara has all you need to know about upcoming garden events including maps, parking and more. Take a look at its events page for more information.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Living in an area that sees four seasons, you might miss the garden views a few months out of the year. Why not bring a few beautiful plants inside so you can enjoy greenery all year-long? Aside from improving the overall appearance of a room, adding a few indoor plants to a home or office can provide a number of other benefits.

Prevent Illnesses:

Dry air and dust have a tendency to irritate the senses, which can lead to sickness like a cold or sore throat. Having houseplants around can help to filter out dust and can increase the air humidity in your home, which can help to prevent certain illnesses.

Purify The Air:

Indoor air quality is generally worse than outdoors. But having plants in your home can help improve the quality of the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and providing detoxification benefits.

Increase Productivity:

Aside from the physical benefits of having cleaner air, plants can also provide you with mental health benefits. A little greenery in a home or office can be a natural life hack and a proven mood enhancer! Plants can help improve your emotional state by decreasing stress, anxiety and depression. Additionally, having plant life around can also help people increase creativity, productivity and memory retention.

With just a little upkeep, plants can make a wonderful addition to any home or office. Dave’s has a number of great plants available to choose from. For example, our pansies and our potted grasses can make for great indoor plants. These are easy to maintain and only need a light watering. Come on down to Dave’s and check out our plant selection today!

6 Tools To Make Gardening a Breeze

gardening tools

Whether you’re looking to try your hand at gardening, or you’re just looking to make gardening work a little easier this year, it’s important that you have the right tools for the job. Below are 6 gardening tools that gardeners of all levels should own.


Why would you try to tough it out with your bare hands? A good pair of gardening gloves can keep away blisters and protect you from thorns. And do we even have to mention the bacteria and fungus that can be in your dirt and fertilizer? Keep yourself safe by investing in a pair (or two) of quality gardening gloves.

Pocket Knife:

Often overlooked, the ever versatile pocket knife can get you out of a jam.
Need to cut some twine or open a bag of fertilizer? Maybe dig a small spot of soil? The pocket knife can get the job done in a pinch.


Sometimes dry dirt and rocks can make digging a little tougher than usual. That’s when a spade comes in handy. With its sharpened edge, this tool can make easy work out of digging through roots and hard soil.

Hand Trowel:

A favorite tool for many gardeners, the hand trowel is great tool to use for precision digging around other plants and can be used for aerating and weeding as well.

Hand Pruners:

Want to remove excess branches or stems? Are there any rotting or dead leaves that need to be removed? Pruners are the way to go. Use these to carefully snip and shape your plants to keep from damaging them.

Hand Rake:

Your soil is an essential part of your garden. Make sure you are turning and smoothing out your soil. A small hand rake will help you clear out dead leaves and dried roots with precision so you don’t damage your plants.

You can find a selection of gardening gloves, pruners and more at Dave’s, but why stop there? With everything from hoses to hand rakes available, you’re sure to find all of that you need to make gardening an easy and enjoyable experience. Visit one of our locations today!

The Benefits of Cedar Mulch

cedar mulch

Gardening season is finally here! It’s time to put on your gardening hat & gloves and get to work.  Here at Dave’s, we have high-quality cedar mulch available just in time for gardening season. Mulch is an easy way to enhance the look of a garden or landscaping project, but that’s not all. Mulch can provide your garden with a number of benefits as well.

Acting as a barrier around your plants and soil, mulching is one of the best things you can do to keep your garden protected. With just a couple inches of mulch layered over your soil, you can minimize weed growth, prevent soil erosion, maintain moisture and keep your soil insulated to protect your plants from changing weather.

What makes cedar such a great choice for mulch?  Cedar mulch tends to last longer than other mulch options. This can save you time and money as your mulch won’t have to be replaced as quickly. It’s also an organic option, meaning that it will add nutrients to your soil while it breaks down.

Keep your garden nourished and looking great this year with high quality mulch from Dave’s. Available in colors of black, brown and red, our cedar mulch is the perfect way to bring your garden to life. Measuring at 2 cubic feet, our mulch is available at $4.99 each or 4 bags for $18. Stop by one of our Dave’s locations today to pick up all the mulch you need for your garden!

Tips to Help You Prepare for Gardening Season

With springtime just around the corner, gardening season is set to begin. Gardening can be a fun and relaxing hobby, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of hard work. With snow still on the ground, you may not be able to do much outside just yet, but you can still make things a little easier for yourself by preparing ahead of time. Here are some tips to help make sure you’re organized and ready for the spring gardening season:

gardening shovel



Start Planting Your Seeds Indoors

If you decide that you want to start growing your seeds early, you can always plant seeds indoors, make sure you check the last frost date so you know that you aren’t planting too early. When the seeds have grown into small plants and are ready to be moved, you can transplant them into your garden.

Get Your Tools In Order

Make sure you have all of the tools you need for gardening this year. Do you need to replace your gardening gloves? Do some of your tools need sharpening? Now is the perfect time to prepare so when the weather is right you can focus on gardening.









Plan Your Garden Layout

Want to try planting something new, but not sure if you’ll have room in your garden? It’s best to make a detailed plan before you begin gardening. This will help you keep your garden organized and also can help you figure out how much supplies you’ll need to buy.

Set Up Your Gardening Calendar

Although it is often overlooked, a gardening calendar is an easy way to make sure all of your plants are taken care of. Plants grow on different schedules and it’s important that everything is planted at the right time. The larger the garden, the harder this is to keep track of. Creating a schedule will help you keep track of your plants and keep you from any confusion.