Great Selection of Easter Decorations Available at Dave’s!

Are you looking to put up some decorations for Easter? Dave’s All Season Store always has a great selection of Easter decorations available. Whether you’re looking for eggs and baskets, or bunny decorations, you’re sure to find what you need to get your house ready for Easter Sunday. Below are a few of the many decorations that we have to offer: 

Easter Egg Tree










A bright and colorful Easter tree is sure to catch the eye of anyone in the room. This spiral cut-out Easter tree comes pre-decorated with bright, colorful Easter eggs and is sure to become a decorating favorite for years to come.

Black Chalkboard Egg










A great Easter decoration, the black chalkboard egg allows you to skip the boiling process and the mess of paints and dyes. Just grab some chalk and you can create the perfect Easter egg! Want to keep it simple? You can use this egg to add your own personal message or leave a note for someone.

Vine Bunny with Basket










Instead of going with the usual pastel colors, why not mix things up a bit with this green moss rabbit decoration? This adorable earth toned bunny figure would make the perfect addition to any table top display.