5 Great Ideas for Your Christmas in July Party

Every year, Dave’s celebrates the mid-season with a Christmas in July sale. A great spin-off is to host your own Christmas in July party. Everyone loves a theme party.  While it’s too hot to wear your favorite holiday sweater and make snow angels, there are some ways to celebrate Christmas in the summer:

Reindeer Shoes:

This one is really simple. All you need to do is take out your horseshoes set. Play it as you normally would, just put a different name on it to by calling it “reindeer shoes” instead to give it a fun little Christmas twist!

Watermelon Christmas Trees:

Instead of making a batch of cookies, think of adding a healthy snack option with some watermelon Christmas tree slices. First cut your watermelon into triangle slices. Then divide the rind on each slice into 3 parts and cut off the outer parts of the rind to instantly turn your slices into trees!

watermelon Christmas trees

Decorate A Christmas Tree:

If you want to bring out the tree and decorate, great! If you’d prefer to leave it in storage until winter, you can easily string some lights around a tree or bush outside to transform your yard into a summertime Christmas paradise. Or, go for a tropical-style Christmas, by adding some ornaments and lights to a pineapple or summer fruit instead!

String Up The Lights:

Go ahead and string some lights along your patio or fence to light things up a bit. We always have plenty of Christmas and patio lights available at our store!

Ice Cream Snowman:

It’s definitely too warm right now for hot cocoa, so why not put a holiday spin on a bowl of ice cream? You can add a couple scoops of ice cream to a bowl and decorate it with toppings to transform it into a snowman!

ice cream snowman

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Stop by your local Dave’s store to see all we offer. We’ll have new Christmas merchandise coming soon!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hopefully by now you’ve gotten all of your gifts for Christmas, now all that you have left is to wrap them up! Here are three creative ideas to make your presents look unique and stand out from the rest this year!

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper:

If you have the time, you can create some unique and individual gift wrap for your presents. Measure out your gift and cut your paper to the size you need, then plan out your stencil and apply your acrylic craft paint. Make sure to let it dry before you wrap up your gift. Butcher paper is a good choice for this, as it is durable and won’t wrinkle from the paint moisture.

This could also be a fun activity for your kids! Cut out the desired gift wrap length, and have your children paint on trees, stars and more. If you have blue gift wrap, you can also let your kids make some snowmen. This time, take out some pencils and white craft paint. Have them dip the eraser heads of the pencils in the paint and stamp dots on the gift wrap to create snowflakes & snowmen!

Re-purpose Your Cardboard Tubes:

What do you do when you come to the end of your roll of gift wrap? Don’t throw them away! Use them! If you have a smaller, oddly shaped gift for someone, you can use an empty cardboard tube to secure it and make it easier to wrap. Cut the tube to the length required, place the gift inside the tube, then wrap up your tube and secure the ends with ribbon.

Use Your Empty Tins:

Everyone places clothes in cardboard boxes before wrapping them up. Why not mix it up a bit? If you have empty tins, you can place gifts inside them and tie ribbon around them for a unique gift look.

Tips to Quickly Decorate Your Yard for the Holidays

Zone Out Your Yard: If you haven’t yet decorated your yard, zoning it out can make the process a little easier. Before you begin decorating, divide your yard into zones and then decide what each zone will focus on. For example One zone can be dedicated to a decorated tree, while another zone can be dedicated to reindeer decorations.

Double up on Your Wreaths: Although most people put a wreath on their front doors, adding two wreaths to your door can provide your home with a fuller and more unique look.

Decorate With Winter Gear: Adding some winter gear to your outdoor decor can help give your home a welcoming look. Add a plaid scarf to your mailbox or lamppost or place an old wooden sled next to your front door.

Decorate Flower Beds With Ornaments: Your flower beds can’t stay colored in the winter. Add some color when the flowers won’t stay by adding some ornaments to your flower beds.

Add Pops of Red to Your Greenery: If you have green garland, wreaths, etc outside of your home, add some red ornaments to bring a little life to it.

Last Minute Gift Ideas Everyone Can Love

Last minute gifts don’t have to be terrible, rushed and thoughtless gifts. Just because you ran out of time doesn’t mean you don’t care. Plenty of people have busy schedules, stressful jobs, and responsibilities. Fortunately, you can show others how much they mean to you, regardless of your busy schedule with some last-minute gift ideas that are still pretty thoughtful. These projects are sentimental, sweet, and useful, and they’ll take less than 30 minutes to create. Happy Holidays!

Homemade Cookie Recipe

Hot Chocolate Reindeer

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Photo Luminaries

Gift Card in Candy Jar

A Money Tree

Sherrie Carter

DIY Christmas Ornaments & Projects

When I was younger, my mom had my sisters and I make a handmade ornament each year. Now, we have a large selection of extremely sentimental ornaments from our past. This is something I plan to continue, and my sisters already have. Handmade ornaments are a tradition in most families, because they’re sweet and kids love making them. The best part is that you don’t need artistic talents, because when they come out terrible it’s even more adorable. Looking back on your uneven reindeer or dilapidated snowman is hilarious. Try some of these DIY ornaments with the kids this year. In a few years when they’re older, you can reminisce about the fun time you had making it, and you’ll laugh each year when you remove it from storage.

Scented Ornaments

Hand & Feet Prints

Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments

TMNT Ornaments

Scrabble Tile Messages

Glittered Ornaments

Feeling even more crafty? Try some of these adorable DIY decorations and gifts this year. Hand made Christmas items offer an inimitable charming touch to your home. Check them out and let us know your favorite ideas!

Sparkle Branches

Santa Tulle Wreath

No Sew Deer Pillow

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Snow Globe Ornament

Sherrie Carter

Unique Gift Wrap Ideas for Christmas Presents

Christmas gift wrap is as important as the gift itself. When you put effort into wrapping the gift, it shows that you care. It’s such a simple gesture that can say a lot. Sure, nobody will judge you for having mediocre gift wrap, because they’ll appreciate the gift inside. However, when you take the time to get creative and innovative with your wrap, it shows the recipient that you went the extra mile, just to give them a beautiful presentation of their gift.

Sweater Gift Wrap

Use an old sweater to make an adorable sweater-wrapped gift!

Chalkboard Wrap

Create trendy & personalized messages with chalkboard gift wrap!

Stamped Kraft Paper

Create your own pattern with markers on a Kraft paper for a custom rustic-chic giftwrap!

Plaid Wrapping Paper

If you have plaid decor in your home, try wrapping most of the gifts in plaid, red, green, and gold. This selection of colors and patterns will turn the gifts into a wonderful decoration. Plaid is big this year, just ask Target!

Glam Wrap

Add a bit of glitz and glam to your gift with shiny gift wrap and glittered accents!

Santa Style

Make your gift bag look like Santa. How cute is this?!

Sherrie Carter

Free Christmas Printable Downloads

Make the holidays fun, creative, and easy with these FREE printable downloads I found. I recently purchased three different sets of gift tags from varying chain stores and they left a lot to be desired. Although pretty, they ripped easily and didn’t stick to the wrap well. This sent me on a mission to print my own and apply them with double-sided scotch tape. While searching, I also found wall signs, jar labels, activities and even emoji wrapping paper! I’ve added pins to the best ones, but there are so many more! Check out these 50 Christmas Printable Downloads from Personal Creations.

Modern Christmas Printables

Hot Chocolate Labels

Rustic & Plaid Printable Gift Tags

Christmas Sign Printables

Classic & Whimsical Printable Gift Tags

Sherrie Carter

Willow Tree Figures Make Wonderful Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift this season?

Willow Tree figures are beautiful, timeless items that make amazing sentimental gifts. I love seeing these gorgeous handcrafted items every time I visit one of our stores. They caught my attention this past Mother’s Day, and I purchased my first one for my mom. We normally do quirky and nerdy gifts, but this time I went meaningful… and it was a hit. It was a truly unique and unexpected gift that told a story of a daughter’s appreciation for her Mother. That’s merely one example of the feelings these gifts can create.

These intriguing figures come in a variety of styles, each representing a life milestone, special memory, a loved one, or a specific passion. The artist and creator intentional leaves the faces blank and the clothes plain, allowing the recipient to create their own image in their minds. This empty canvas for imagination makes the gift feel incredibly personal, mysterious, and meaningful.

If you’ve never seen a Willow Tree figure, view a few examples in the photos below. The real magic happens when you see them in person, and when you feel them. If you need a meaningful gift for someone special, visit any of our three locations to browse through the figures. Choose a few that you think would work. Then inspect each one individually. Pick it up and really look at it for a long time. The one that speaks to you and evokes the most emotion is the winner.


Family Members & Life Events

Willow Tree Figures

New Baby

Willow Tree Figures

Military Remembrance & Honor

 Willow Tree Figures

A Couple’s Touching Story on Early Christmas Shopping [VIDEO]

Today’s blog post is unlike the others, as I’m not here with decorating tips or party advice, although I love those posts. I’m writing to your hearts today. So get the tissues and get ready to feel.

Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is known for pulling a little too tightly at our heartstrings, and he’s done it again today. While recognizing a couple from Knoxville, he gives them recognition for working so hard. In a later interview, the couple reveals a touching story that highlights one of the most beautiful parts of Christmas.

I was in my blogging zone, doing research on current holiday shopping trends, and… I found this highlight from an earlier show.  At first, I enjoyed the story as it ties in with our recent post about holiday shopping early. As the interview progresses, Jerry Robertson reveals a bittersweet story.

Human psychology causes parents to work hard on giving their children a better life than they had. It’s how we progress, and it’s why every generation advances. That’s exactly what the Robertson’s did. In the interview, they mentioned that they grew up in poor families, without much of a Christmas. My heart sank when I heard this. Maybe it’s because I love Christmas and want the best for everyone, or maybe I’m overly empathetic. I mean, the thought of children not having a wonderful Christmas just slays me… even more so when they’re wonderful, giving people. Everyone deserves a happy holiday.  I truly felt for these people and knew tears were imminent. What they said next caused me to cry and write this post commending them on what they’ve done.

Jerry and Sheila Robinson spend the entire year making sure Christmas happens for their family. The first impression of the show’s clip is that these two have their holiday shopping and wrapping completely done already. While that’s amazing in itself, as it’s not even October, their reasoning is what really hits you “right in the feels“. They begin shopping on December 26th every year, evading crowds and getting great deals. This couple will continuously shop throughout the year, ensuring they can give their kids a great Christmas with a variety of gifts they really want. The Robertson’s are truly wonderful people, as they spend all year putting in an extensive effort and serious planning to ensure this happens no matter what. Their children are their priority, and that is madly endearing.

“We both grew up in poor families, to be honest,” explained Jerry Robinson, “And we didn’t have very big Christmases. So we spoiled our kids and our grandkids with humongous Christmases. That’s what we do.” [Read more wate.com]

To me, our staff, and likely most of our customers, Christmas is about love, selflessness, and pure joy. Ensuring everyone has a memorable, happy holiday is what we’re all about. This interview encapsulates all of that and so much more. You can see from this conversation that they are truly happy and thoughtful people… our favorite breed of humans.

I’ve included the interview below if you’d like to see it (and cry) for yourself. It’s all so very touching.