4 Haunted Places in Buffalo

Haunted Places in Buffalo

Halloween season is the perfect time to get a little spooked. There are plenty of haunted houses to walk through and scary movies to watch, but what about real haunted places? If you’re someone who believes in the paranormal, Buffalo, NY has a number of haunted spots available. Take a look at our list below for some great haunted places to check out.

Richardson Olmsted Complex:

With its gothic architecture and history as an abandoned asylum, many stories have been told of strange noises and sightings at the Richardson Olmsted Complex. Closed in the 1970s, through the years it became derelict and severely damaged, but eventually plans to rehabilitate the building came through. Today the main part of the complex has become Hotel Henry, a hotel and conference center, but many claim to still hear screaming and moaning from the abandoned sections of the complex!

Book a room and stay overnight at the hotel to see if anything appears, or take a walk around the complex to see the outside of the abandoned wings. There are also in-depth tours available.

Richardson Olmsted Complex

Buffalo Naval & Military Park:

The Buffalo Naval & Military Park is home to several decommissioned Navy vessels, three of which claim history of the paranormal. For example, the USS The Sullivans was named after the five Sullivan brothers who were killed during World War II. Some believe that their spirits linger in the park. Not to be outdone, many have also noticed strange occurrences aboard the USS Little Rock and the USS Croaker. Some guests claim they’ve heard phantom voices and footsteps.

Buffalo Naval Park

Central Terminal:

The Buffalo Central Terminal is also known as one of the most haunted buildings in Buffalo. Originally built in the 1920’s, the terminal was abandoned for decades and gradually began to fall into a state of disrepair. In more recent years, the Central Terminal has been restored and has been home to some exciting events. Even with its recent revitalization, claims of spirits still exist and ghost tours are still offered for those who are brave enough.

Buffalo Central Terminal

Town Ballroom:

Formerly a speakeasy during the prohibition, the basement of the Town Ballroom was used for gambling and illegal meetings. It’s been rumored that Al Capone even went there a few times! Today this venue is mainly used for concerts, but every now and then people hear sounds of gambling and parties coming from the basement. Some have even claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions!

Do you know of any other haunted places in Buffalo? Leave a comment and let us know.

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